Hey there, my name is Aaron Ford, and I am a cinematographer, although you may know me better in my role as the Director of Photography for Ozai Films. The title is a little more official but the role and creative processes are all the same.

My journey to becoming a cinematographer started when I was very young. I loved to watch movies, specifically action films, and dreamed I lived inside those worlds created by each movie. Watching movies ignites my creative impulses, frees my imagination, and gives me license to roam, escaping reality for new adventures only the mind can behold.

Because of this kind of freedom, I wanted to become a storyteller, able to create these worlds of escape for others through visual media. In 2013 my older sister, a cinematographer as well, bought me my first camera. From there my passion for filmmaking grew as if on steroids. I earned and perfected my craft through tutorials, self-teaching, and plenty of onset production experiences. Enrolling in a formal film training program, I graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography.

Over the years I have worked on various project mediums such as music videos, documentaries, short films, commercials, content creation, and more. Cinematography is my passion. Pursuing this dream is a fire that burns within my soul, requiring everything of me at all times. This calling cannot be ignored. My name… is Aaron Ford and I am a cinematographer.

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©2024 Ozai Films | All rights reserved | Privacy | Terms